Subject-Position: South East Asian. Filipina. Middle class. Formally studied and studying Malikhaing Pagsulat, Psychology, Philippine Literature, and Women and Development.  My favorite professor once said in our class: “Claire is… an intellectual.” I almost laughed out loud.

This is my review-ish blog. I will post things here gearing towards an actual audience in mind (as opposed to my literary-ish blog), so comments are most welcome. :] But if you just want to lurk, that’s cool too. 😉

I tweet here and here. First one is public and will follow you back. Second one is private which I use to talk endlessly about things I watch, read, listen to, and lots and lots of knee-jerk reactions and unfiltered ideas–so basically just talking to myself.

The blog’s url/title is based from a famous Eraserheads song. As a classmate once said, “They should be studied as part of Philippine literature canon, of course. Eraserheads defined a generation!” I agree, of course, but mostly I like the dadaist but really relatable feel of that line. Yes, I drop words like “dadaist.”

EDIT: 3/11/2017

In other words, this will be my chummy blog. LOL.


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